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GDPR Newsletter

2018. April 05.


 We assume that you have been reached by the dump of news about the upcoming enter into force of the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION, the GDPR, which „opens” doors to big administrative fines.

Unfortunately, this letter is not for denying the news, but for giving you key information how to prevent imposing of administrative fines and to help your company becoming prepared on the GDPR.

What is the GDPR?

The European Union adopted the GPDR with the aim to create uniform rules and practice in data protection within the EU in order to remove barriers to free flow of personal data.

The regulation becomes enforceable in all member states, thus in Hungary as well, from 25. May 2018. The Hungarian data controllers, thus also your company, shall comply with the rules thereof from this date.

May your company be affected?

The answer is with high probability: yes. If you have employees, you operate a website, send newsletters, use cameras or in general deal with business partners, then you are to be qualified as data controller and you have to comply with the GDPR.

Which tasks do you have?

The basic document of data protection is henceforward the privacy policy. The data controllers shall record the details of their data process in the privacy policy and give information to the data subjects.

Regarding the data process at work a basic requirement is to have policies for use of internet, company tools (computer, mobile phone, car, etc.).

Key changes of GDPR are especially the need of conduct of inner register of data processes, employment of a Data Protection Officer, carrying out a data protection impact assessment, ensuring the right to data portability, etc.

Furthermore it is advisable to review your contracts concluded with data processors.

We kindly inform you that an individual examination focusing on your business is indispensable as the obligations above do not apply for all of the data controllers.

Should you have any question regarding the GDPR or preparing on it, do not hesitate to contact our law firm, the Fehér and Partners Law Office. We are at your disposal.

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